Imagine Schools is an organization, comprised mostly of teachers, that operates 72 public charter schools in 12 states and the District of Columbia. We serve more than 40,000 students nationwide by providing them with a challenging, effective program of study and strong moral development in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our mission is to help parents and guardians educate their children by creating learning communities of achievement and hope. We apply “Joy at Work”, a unique organizational and operational structure that puts teachers and school leaders squarely in charge of the decisions affecting the schools and students we serve.

Our work is guided by three shared values: integrity, justice, and fun. Integrity requires that we live consistently and balance the needs and desires of all of the stakeholders in our schools. Justice means that we strive to treat each person uniquely and appropriately. Fun describes our efforts to create joy-filled schools where people are able to use their talents to make decisions, take action, and be held responsible for the results.

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All Imagine Schools people are committed to accountability and constant improvement. Our Measures of Excellence are the yardsticks we use to evaluate our effectiveness in six equally important areas of school quality: parent choice and satisfaction, adherence to shared values, academic achievement, positive character development, economic sustainability,and new school development.