This series is ideal to be shown during weekly meetings, or as a full seminar program allowing for great discussions and team learning.

The Joy at Work Video Seminar is a must for any leader who wants to bring principles, purpose and fun to the workplace. In four inspiring lectures (more than 3 hours of video), you’ll experience Dennis Bakke’s passion for transforming organizations, where every person, from custodian to CEO, has the power to use his or her talents free of needless bureaucracy. Filmed before a live audience, the following lectures will challenge everything you thought you knew about your organization:

1. Purpose Matters:

  • The real purpose of every organization
  • Economic sustainability vs. maximizing profits
  • Balancing the interests of stakeholders
  • Principles of Integrity, Fairness, Social Responsibility, and Fun

2. Assumptions about People:

  • Industrial Revolution assumptions
  • Why organizational change is so hard
  • Joy at Work assumptions
  • Joy at Work approach vs. traditional management approach
  • Scorekeeping, accountability, and rewards

3. Decision Making:

  • Traditional decision making processes
  • The Advice Process
  • Staff operations vs. multi-disciplined teams
  • Sharing information throughout the company
  • Value Surveys: how to measure the joy
  • Ask for advice: the one rule you need to know
  • Making a decision: the best education in the world

4. Leadership:

  • How to be a leader instead of a manager
  • Key characteristics of a leader
  • The chief roles of a leader
  • Why a rubber band ball


Includes more than 30 minutes of material.

  • Compensation: salary vs. hourly, vacations, and benefits
  • The problem of over staffing
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Introduction for faith-based non-profits
  • Power Trip introduction & trailer
  • Bakke’s Top 10