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Bakke's Top 10

  1. 1When given the opportunity to use our ability to reason, make decisions, and take responsibility for our actions, we experience joy at work.
  2. 2The purpose of business is not to maximize profits for shareholders but to steward our resources to serve the world in an economically sustainable way.
  3. 3Attempt to create the most fun workplace in the history of the world.
  4. 4Eliminate management, organization charts, job descriptions, and hourly wages.
  5. 5Fairness means treating everybody differently.
  6. 6Principles and values must guide all decisions.
  7. 7Put other stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc) equal to or above yourself.
  8. 8Everyone must get advice before making a decision. If you don’t seek advice, “you’re fired.”
  9. 9A “good” decision should make all the stakeholders unhappy because no individual or group got all they wanted.
  10. 10Lead with passion, humility, and love.